New Vs. Used Tiny House

When you decide to go tiny, you have the option to either buy or build your tiny house. If you are for buying, then you will either buy a new or used tiny house. Now, the question is, which is better? New or old tiny house? The truth is, there is no a straight answer to the question because you can only tell after doing a thorough inspection of either house and see how it rhymes with your budget.

Again, choosing one house over the other comes down to your preferences, so in your search, you will come across many new houses that you like/dislike, and it is the same with used tiny houses. The most important thing is to know what features you would like in your house.

Buying a new or used tiny house: What to look for

Have a design in mind

There are so many new and used tiny houses for sell out there, and they all have various designs. The best way to get what you are looking for is to have a design in mind so as to know where to focus. It might be a design you like or one that fits your lifestyle. However, you might not come across a tiny house in that exact design, but you can always settle for what’s close and adjustments later if it’s possible.

Know your budget

Prices vary when it comes to both new and used tiny houses. This is because they are all built differently with different designs, and different materials plus sizes vary as well. Thus, it will be easier for you to search if you know your budget because you can quickly pass whatever is too high or lower than your budget.

Note: some used tiny houses might be expensive than new tiny houses, and this is because even though they are used, they might have been built using better materials than the new ones and their designs and sizes might be better. You’d better look carefully for tiny houses for sale in nc.

Know the size you want

All these houses are referred to as tiny houses, but they all come in different sizes. Some people don’t mind going really tiny, but others have a limit of how far they can go. Therefore, have the exact size you want in mind as you do your search to ensure that you won’t have to change your lifestyle too much or end up reselling the house.

Have a look at as many tiny houses as possible before buying one

Most of the tiny houses will look so good from outside, and the designs might tempt you to make a quick decision. However, take your time and visit as many as you can before committing. For both houses, new and used, pay attention to every little detail. Ensure the materials used are of high quality and that the construction is done right. Again, if it’s not a grounded house, make sure that the trailer is strong enough to give the house a solid foundation and that the overall weight will be okay to move around even with all your possessions onboard.

Inquire about who and when the house was built

This is a crucial question to ask whether you are buying a new or used tiny house. Some people just build their tiny houses while others hire professionals. Whichever the case, the most important part is the builders’ skills level when it comes to building tiny houses and their reputation. If possible, reach out the builder and ask them to tell you how they feel about the house.

Consult a tiny house expert

If you have not owned a tiny house before, then you’ll need the help of someone with a better experience to help you know if the house is really worth the price. You’d rather pay a small consultation fee than realize later that you wasted your money on a house that you cannot live in longer than a couple of years.

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